CSWIP Training Program

What is this course?

CSWIP provides internationally recognized, role-specific competence for people engaged in welding, joining, materials integrity and inspection in manufacturing, construction, operation or repair of high integrity structures, plant, or machinery. CSWIP certification schemes are UKAS-accredited to ISO/IEC 17024, the international standard for personnel certification. It is an internationally recognized mark of competence for people engaged in welding and/or inspection related jobs in manufacturing, constructing, operating, or repairing high integrity welded structures, plant, or components.

How is this benefited?

By this course students are professionally trained and they are eligible for the posts like Visual Welding Inspectors, Welding Inspectors, Senior Welding Inspectors, Underwater Inspectors/Controllers, Welding Technical Representatives, Welding Instructors, Welding Supervisors, Welding Quality Control coordinators.