Training And Placements

VIDAL NDT adapts a set of procedures for the training of respective courses in NDT with remarkable theoretical and practical approach. The curriculum is separately designed for each course and We adapt different types of learning styles in cognitive and effective approach. We identify student’s specific focus and based on the specific interest of the students, they are trained accordingly. The trainers of Vidal NDTians train the students by different implications. The trainers put themselves in trainee’s place so that the trainer may understand what the trainee learns and will get to know the way he understands it.

The training process in the institute constitutes classroom training, practical orientation, industrial visits, workshops, and Internships.

  • Classroom

    Classroom: The training classroom will be large enough to comfortably seated by the students. Adequate work space to permit interactive group learning is also included in these sessions. 20% of the theoretical sessions are done in classroom training in the cognitive approach as mentioned earlier. Well experienced trainers deal with the students and the training process happens in the most effective way. The classroom training will be done by showing presentations, animations, videous and many more so that student will grab and memorize the knowledge very easily and apply the same while doing practicals.

  • Practical Training:

    80% of the curriculum are dealt in this training, as most of the courses in the NDT are to be dealt in practical way. The main objective of this course is to guide and familiarize our students with various practical and working life situations and to help them to apply acquired knowledge and skills to working life. Our institute is well equipped with comprehensive nondestructive testing equipments Laboratory with Welding inspection infrastructure.

  • Industrial visits:

    Industrial visit has its own importance in NDT Training. We consider it is considered as a part of curriculum. Because, it provides students an insight regarding internal working of companies. We know, theoretical knowledge is not enough for making a good professional career. With an aim to go beyond theoretical and practical sessions, industrial visit provides student a practical perspective on the world of work. VIDAL NDT provides 3-4 Industrial visits to a student so that he/she can get an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices.

  • Internships

    VIDAL NDT believes that Internship is an amazing learning experience and can be a great resource for references. And one of the theme that a student is facing now a days after the training is completed is the lack of experience as a fresher. Hence, our goal is to provide real world, thought-provoking internships to the students in various manufacturing companies where they gain exposure to real-world problems and issues and they can solve it easily as they will be having hands-on opportunities to work with equipment and technology. VIDAL NDT provides internships to the students for 2-3 months and where 70% of the students gets pre-placement offer in those respective companies. And for the remaining 30%, the students are given refresher training, soft skills training and given job offers in various companies.

Placement Procedure:

Placements drives are conducted in the institutes and these provide job opportunities to the students pursuing their academic courses. We offer a student a wonderful opportunity to get placed during his academic pursuits, and provide him the comforts of a safe and secure future. Keeping in mind the importance of the placement programs, it is vital for a student to prepare adequately for these programs and make sure that they put their best foot forward. We create placement opportunities in India as well as in Abroad.

  • Pre-placement opportunity:

    As we believe, almost 70% of the students are placed at their Internship companies. The remaining pool of 30% students, we give refresher training with soft skills as well and then they are sent to the placement drives. It happens if the student gives and keeps his 100% effort on the work and satisfies the authorities in the company. And we conduct continuous placement drives in various cities and colleges and also in the institute premises so that with vidallans reference the students will be absorbed in the company. In On-Campus placement drives, companies visit our institutes to select the students and selection depends upon a student's ability to work-hard, his technical capabilities and his focus.

  • Refresher training:

    The remaining students will be given training until they get the skills and then we will forward to other companies. We will provide life time assistance to the students until they get placed in different companies.

  • Final job offers and placements:

    Once they successfully complete training, industrial visits, internships and exams the student will be provided final job offers and placements.